AgileByExample 2019

Piotr Majkowski

Piotr Majkowski is currently working as an Engineering Manager in Spotify leading Car & Wearables product area (3 teams, 3 managers, around 20+ engineers). Before moving to Sweden for more than 10 years Piotr was working in Warsaw’s FinTech sector having different roles: from an individual contributor to a CTO (50+ org).
Piotr is often described as a passionate and empathetic leader focused on empowering teams and people to be the best version of themselves possible.
Privately – constantly aspiring to become the best husband and father!

What a black hole can tell us about engineering management—a Spotify’s transition from Chapter Leads into Engineering Managers

At Spotify we are constantly experimenting with how we work - practices, tools, roles are constantly changing and being evaluated. Let’s focus on one of our recent changes: transitioning Chapter Leads into Engineering Managers. Why did we make a change, what was the change about and what did we learn from it? The background for it will be my personal journey from a CL to an EM.
I know that so called ‘Spotify Model’ is very popular in Poland - it might be a good idea to let people know about the recent updates.