AgileByExample 2018

Paul Klipp

Paul is an agile trainer and coach for software development teams and executives. He is the founder of Wawel Hill, a training, consulting and event management company that also organizes the ACE and Blockchain Fiesta conferences. As a trainer, he teaches teams to collaborate more effectively to deliver value as smoothly as possible. As an executive coach, he helps executives to design systems that allow product delivery teams to perform at their best. Over a fifteen year career in IT he’s worked with leaders and teams all over the world and of all sizes to deliver over a hundred products in sectors including fintech, education, hospitality, and social media.

The low hanging fruit is rotten: how Kanban and Scrum are destroying enterprise agility

My experience coaching agile teams has led me to the conclusion that the traditional approach to agile transformation is broken. While 10x improvements in delivery time are entirely possible, corporations spend much more than they need to training and coaching the wrong people in exchange for small gains. In this talk, I'll describe the types of problems that keep organisations from performing as well as they could and suggest appropriate interventions. It's time to stop hauling on tiny levers in search of dramatic change. I'll show you where the big levers are and how to move them.

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