Paul Klipp

Paul Klipp is an agile coach who has worked in several industries on three continents over a twenty-year career in agile. He is the founder of Lunar Logic and Wawel Hill. He believes in applying a non-dogmatic approach to mixing and matching tools to collaboratively discover what works best.

He currently works as a coach and trainer and produces the ACE conference in Krakow. An avid reader, he hosts the Agile Book Club podcast.

Unlocking Potential: Techniques for Meaningful Manager-Employee Interactions

I will share a transformative approach to the most common of manager-employee interactions: one-on-one meetings and performance reviews. Drawing on my background in leadership, coaching, and agile values, I will present a powerful framework that empowers anyone in a position of authority to turn these potentially painful or harmful interactions into meaningful, productive growth opportunities.

Key Points:
– Rethinking One-on-One Meetings: Participants will learn how to create a safe space that encourages open communication, fostering an environment where employees feel empowered to share their ideas, concerns, and aspirations.
– Unlocking the Potential of Performance Reviews: Traditional performance reviews often evoke anxiety and stress. I will introduce an innovative performance review approach designed to inspire growth and development.
– Empowering Employees: Recognizing that effective interactions are a two-way street, I will also address how employees can play an active role in making their interactions with line managers more productive. Practical tips for fostering constructive dialogue and taking ownership of personal development will be shared.

Through this talk, participants will gain valuable insights into fostering meaningful connections, nurturing talent, and cultivating a dynamic workplace culture that encourages learning and development.


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