AgileByExample 2020

Kamil Puk

Kamil Puk is an Agile Practice Lead in Netguru, responsible for growing the agile mindset and practices across the fast-growing digital consultancy company. With an experience as a project manager and a team leader, he has seen plenty of interesting startup ideas turn into great products — or into dust. Kamil has a background in financial, technical and service design, which allows him to take various approaches and apply broad range of tools to get things done. Privately he’s a passionate amateur cook, aspiring sailor and incorporeal dreamer trying to make his dog just a little more obedient.

Staying aligned with the value in a short-lived project

You will learn the simple process we use to kickstart the alignment of the team with their product, by using a value-based metrics framework.
The main source of waste in software is the unnecessary work done. Making sure that our team is always focused and aligned is key to limiting waste, and building a quality product that wins the market. This skill is especially hard in short-lived projects, where the team does not always have the time to become fully moulded, self-organised unit. This is why in Netguru we designed a method to give our 100+ teams a hand.


Workshop— Tailored-made retrospectives that make a difference

You will learn how to discover new retrospective formats that fit the current, pressing needs of your team. During the workshop we'll discuss how to design a retrospective that answers the real problems, prepares the team for future events, or directs their focus in certain direction, so we can all say bye to repetitive, non-actionable retros.

In a world where you can easily find over 200 retrospective scenarios at hand, it all comes down to choosing wisely. You will learn the thought process to apply, what rules to follow and what rules to bend — all in order to make each iteration better than the last.
We will work with a simple group game, discussions, and a few slides mixed in here and there.
The workshop is dedicated to all members of agile teams, not only Scrum Masters.