AgileByExample 2019

Dominika Ciszewska

Dominika Ciszewska is an educated engineer and passionate agility trainer. She likes simple solutions and early verification of  ideas. Her catchphrase is: “on and on”. She supports the biggest e-commerce company in Poland nowadays in effective cooperation and processes close according to agile mindset. Co-organizer of Agile Open Space. Privately she loves travelling, nature and sport.

Dominika will lead her dojo with Izabela Goździeniak.

Workshop— Define structures—how to start when something goes wrong in agile cooperation

Have you ever felt that something is wrong in your team or organization? In theory everything is fine - everybody knows what to do, but in practice there occur from time to time undefined conflicts, silent days, misunderstandings or disappointments when verifying the results of work. To find out what the real problem of this symptoms is and to support deep change in cooperation we recommend to focus on the structure first.

Peter Senge author of The Fifth Discipline — the Bible of systems thinking - defines structure as key interrelationships that influence particular patterns of behaviour. Following his interpretation we will show you on particular cases what tools we use in Allegro to verify the structure in this meaning and what steps we take to put it on proper direction/ set needed rules. During workshops you will also have a chance to discover how many structures influence you and which of them need to be named and redefined.