Karol Krawiec

Associated with the banking sector for 15 years, he began his experience as a COBOL developer and consultant in the creation of a central banking system. He managed various IT projects and programs related to the development of banking products and services, also managed a team of Project Managers. Inspired by the pursuit of agility, he passionately adapts the Agile approach – first in IT teams, and for over two years as part of the Digital Transformation across the organization, responsible for New Way of Working model adoption. Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile enthusiast and follower of the ‘can-do’ idea.

Karol will give his talk with Andrii Glushchenko.

Agile Transformation in COVID-19 pandemic

COVID – 19 is a true test for a company's Agility. After all, Business Agility is about responding to changing conditions. PKO BP had to adjust in quite a short time to the new reality and new way of working. Switching to remote work for thousands of people was quite a challenge. But that's not the most interesting part. The organization had to quickly respond to the new customer needs. Introducing practices from Agility Path helped to organize the process and support the teams. Agile Center of Excellence had to replan the new goals. Practices form Scrum@Scale helped to accelerate product delivery. Overall COVID-19 as a sense of urgency created opportunities to step up in Business Agility. But are these lasting changes or are we going to get back to "normal"?

Let us share the experience of large Agile Transformation during turbulent times. During our talk, we will describe how Scrum Masters changed the way of serving the Organization, how did we change the approach and strategy of Agile Transformation and how the change has impacted Scrum Teams.