AgileByExample 2017

Trevor Lea-Cox

Energized Work

Trevor Lea-Cox has over 30 years’ experience in senior IS Management and CIO roles and subsequently in Director and CEO roles. This includes many years of experience of developing and implementing Information, Systems and Technology strategies and systems for a wide variety of large and small organisations.
More recently he has been working closely with Energized Work on a number of demanding software development and implementation assignments. He is also an admirer of Tom Gilb’s work and has implemented many of Tom’s Competitive Engineering techniques.

Third-party Digital Services: When Giants crumble

Today's automation systems often incorporate significant Third-Party Digital Services. Building on the shoulders of these digital "giants" enable us to deliver far greater value to our own customers by leveraging the use of these services. But what happens when a "giant" fails to deliver for some reason and the value proposition to your own customers is compromised? This talk explores the circumstances of a serious third-party failure and its impact. It also highlights some major steps IT managers should take to pre-empt such failures, especially in the Service Contract.