AgileByExample 2018

Tomasz Netczuk

Software engineer focused on the end-user experience and making things as simple as possible and providing value as fast as possible. Tomasz has multiple years of experience in both software house and product work. He organized the Codepot workshop conference and co-organized Warsjawa, Mobile Central Europe, and few Warsaw-based meetups. At Codility, he leads a team that delivers end-user features.

Tomasz will give his talk with Mateusz Srebrny.

Lean @ Codlity

At Codility, we are experimenting with an approach Mary Poppendieck advocates for—moving from a setup where product owners designate what teams build to a setup where product owners bring problems and information concerning customers needs for the team to tackle and solve. This change dramatically influences how we work and feel.

We want to share the lessons our team learned during these experiments, including how the group dynamic and role of product owner transforms.

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