AgileByExample 2017

Tom Gilb

Gilb is recognized as the founder or major driver of several technical disciplines such as ‘software metrics’ and ‘evolutionary project management’, as well as being an innovative pioneer in Inspections, and the inventor of the planning language Planguage. He is directly recognized as the idea source for parts of the Agile and Extreme programming methods (primarily the incremental cycles). Tom and Kai have recently developed their own Agile Inspections and Agile Evolutionary Project Management processes, that are being successfully used by clients.

He consults and teaches in partnership with his son Kai Gilb, worldwide.

His methods are widely and officially adopted by many organizations such as IBM, Nokia, Ericsson, HP, Intel, Citigroup – and many other large and small organizations.

Evo: The Most Advanced Agile Process, focussing on measurable delivery of benefits, qualities and results

Agile as practiced today is perhaps good for delivering code functions faster. But the main point of our projects is to deliver critical factor improvements. Not code!
This requires requirements quantification of all such improvements, all qualities, all values, all management objectives ('Planguage'). We then need an architecture process, to identify designs or strategies, to deliver these values and qualities. We then need a method ('Impact Estimation Tables') to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the architectures and strategies, so we can prioritize their delivery sequence. We also need methods of decomposition of the strategies/architectures into value delivery steps (like Scale Parameters and IET Cells).
All this, and more, amounts to an 'engineering' approach, rather than a 'programming' approach to projects.
I am wondering if my European and Polish friends are ready to step in where American pop marketing culture has failed; and make 'agile' a serious discipline for delivering results? 'Agile Engineering', anyone?