AgileByExample 2017

Sara Leren

Sara helps organizations grow by asking the question “Why?” a lot. Ever since her teenage punk rock years, she´s had a passion for inclusion and for keeping it simple and loves combining inclusive design with agile development.

Smart user testing

One of the greatest advantages of an iterative development method, whether you're using Scrum or some other Agile method, is the ability to continously test your deliverables on users. User testing is hands down the best way to validate that your product is usable as well as valuable, from both the business and the user perspective.
However, the problem with user testing is that depending on which users you test on you might get different results. You might even get conflicting or misleading test results from users depending on the test setup and the selection of test persons. In this talk, Sara will explain how to find the best users to test your products on and give you hands-on tips on how to do smart user testing.


Workshop—Impact-driven product management—how to build the right thing

Learn how to let impact be your guiding star towards great products when change is the only constant and resources are limited. Longer description: Well-functioning Agile teams have proved to be good at delivering working software, but that does not necessarily mean that they deliver optimal, or even expected, business value. Agile is becoming the standard way of developing software, and the understanding of the value of User Experience (UX) is increasing. Impact Management is a method that ensures value creation by focusing on the expected business value in relation to the user needs. The workshop will give a hands-on walk-through of the method with engaging examples from real life development projects. You will learn how to define the Business Impact and User requirements in such a way that it can be used for managing design and builds in Agile development. At the end of the workshop you will have laughed at the problems and acquired a new way of defining requirements, reasoning about design and ensuring quality in Agile development.