AgileByExample 2018

Sabrina Hauptman

Throughout her career Sabrina has been researching and experimenting in the field of Innovation and Creativity in scaled IT organizations and build and grown a network of thought leaders and practitioners across industries to discuss shared challenges about organizations.

Sabrina has spent her professional career in large scale IT organizations working as an (agile) Project Manager, agile Coach, Organizational Designer and Innovation Manager for the professional network XING SE,the biggest german ecommerce retailer Otto GmbH & Co KG and most recently for the multinational travel agency eDreams ODIGEO

Today Sabrina dedicates herself to Research in that field, sharing knowledge through trainings and talks and building a network across most diverse industries (from music to schools and IT) to discuss and tackle challenges that we all share and to spread ideas and skills.

Sabrina will give her talk with Alex Ríos.

How to build a feedback culture that fosters happiness and motivation.

We know the only way to thrive in this rapid-changing era of business is unleashing the individuals and organizations collective intelligence to enable creativity and to get innovations.
We see early stage startups that move fast and deliver magnificent results.
How are they doing it and how to scale this?
Its communication, fundamental trust, individuals confidence and a high level of transparency across the entire organization that makes this magic happen.
Understanding is the first step and the fundament for a meaningful and authentic dialog across the entire organization.
Identifying what works and what doesn’t work, understanding what drives individuals and teams, what challenges individuals carry on and what realities the organization is embedded in. Understanding the past, the history, the future and the current state.

This talk will lead you through Alex’s and Sabrina’s experiences and practices, success and setbacks, to reach this understanding and move from there to start a real change in an organization.
Whatever nature this organization might be: IT and agile environments, retail, factory lines, hospitality services, universities and schools.

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Workshop— Design Thinking

The world is looking for innovations. For the next game changer. This is equally true for big scale organizations so is it true for small organizations and individuals.
We just need that one idea. Like to other lucky people. Or we need the money and resources to make it happen.

Wrong. Creative ideas, innovations are no coincidence.
BUT (and that's the spanish but): Innovation and Creativity for that matter, require

* Mindset and Environment
* Structure and process
* Tools and techniques

Just as we organize delivery (with agile methods e.g.) to build the product the right way, we want to organize everything before that.
In IT its known as Discovery or Upstream.
Discovery is building the right product.

How we enable Creativity and Discovery can be in many different ways such as Hackathons, Innovation Labs, Design Sprints. But the natural human process for Creativity is always the same.

Our Creativity process includes:
* Incubation
* Illumination
* Realization
* Verification

Design Thinking is based on that process, providing a mindset and methods to steer.

Design Thinking Double Diamond

We need both: Discovery AND delivery.

Learning objectives
* Applying design thinking principles and tools to own project
* Implementation ideas for your context
* Tools to go for each phase
* Understanding and experiencing Design Thinking

Training outline
1. Theoretical introduction: creativity, innovation and design thinking
2. Simulation. The heart of the training: a fun and immersive simulation will lead you through the design thinking phases. Each process step will have a theoretical and practical part. Group and individual exercises.
3. Overview of Market Practices. Idea for implementation
4. How to...what is the problem you are trying to solve? Design your Discovery