AgileByExample 2018

Rafał Markowicz

Code Sprinters

Rafał is an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master with more than 10 years of experience in Agile, participating in IT projects since 2001. He is an Agile practitioner working with (and often within) development teams. As a Trainer he teaches Scrum and other Agile methods, he conducts trainings teaching techniques such as test automation, BDD and Specification by Example. Rafał remains an active developer specializing in test automation and quality assurance. He holds PSM-I, PSM-III and SPS certificates. On behalf of Code Sprinters, Rafał helps organizations in transformation to Agile.

Workshop— You ain’t gonna need retromat

Does your team feel like you do not need retrospectives because they provide no real improvements? Do people complain about childish exercises and games played at retro? Are they bored with repeating same scheme of retro again and again? Or maybe there is well known issue that the team never dares to speak about?
Books and online tools like retromat can inspire you, but you should not follow blindly the proposed schemes. The sooner you start inventing your plans for retro and your facilitation techniques, the better for your team.

During this workshop the participants will work in small groups on different case studies and:
learn context of an exemplary team (read case study);
identify the main problem to discuss at retrospective;
plan the structure of the retrospective;
invent and learn new exercises and facilitation techniques.

Participants are also encouraged to bring own case studies and work with them during this workshop.


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