AgileByExample 2017

Peter Stevens

Peter – Certified Scrum Trainer has been inspiring companies and individuals to transform themselves to a better way of working since 2006. He has taught Scrum to over 2000 people, mostly in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and India. In 2012 he partnered with Steve Denning and Franz Röösli to host the Stoos Gathering to inspire a rethinking of management. Currently he is working with fellow CST Maria Matarelli on a new book, Personal Agility: Do More That Matters (free download of chapters and other tools as they become available under His newest (online) course is “The Personal Agility System: Double Your Impact in 8 weeks.”

How to do more that matters: From personal satisfaction to professional success

Like most people, you probably have more things to do than time to do them. So which things should you do? The ones that matter. Which ones matter? That is a harder question! Personal Agility is a simple framework to help you figure out and do more of what really matters. This talk give answers, shares case studies, and shows how the same simple framework becomes a leadership tool to enable organizations to better identify and achieve their goals.


Workshop—Getting Started with Personal Agility, the Simple Framework For Doing More That Matters

Personal Agility is a new Agile framework to help you organize your time, tasks, life and projects. The goal is to do more that matters, and you get to decide what matters!

In this interactive workshop you will learn to:

Manage your time for maximum impact
Take control of your to-do list
Figure out what really matters to you
Build trust and understanding with your stakeholders
Figure out what really matters to your organization