AgileByExample 2017

Paweł Kmiotek

Philip Morris International

Paweł started his software creation journey about 25 years ago. He was hobby programmer, Researcher, Lecturer, Software Developer, Configuration Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. He received Phd. in Computer Science from AGH-UST in Krakow and UTBM in Belfort (France). He worked with teams striving to be Agile for more that 6 years. He gained his professional experience at UTBM, Motorola Solutions and Sabre. Currently, Pawel is an Agile Coach in Philip Morris International (Kraków). He is an advocate of holistic Agility incorporating every aspect of software creation. The roles he played allowed him to get experience in software engineering (development and operations) and servant-leadership. He coach and mentor teams in self-organization, empirical approach and technical excellence.

Workshop—Let’s together create a team metric

How it would be nice to be able to measure if the improvements we are introducing are beneficial. It is as much tempting as it is dangerous. If you approach the topic wrongfully not only you will not draw any conclusions from the metric but also you will achieve the opposite effect as it comes to people's behaviour: working around roules, missing focus on the goal, cheating and loss of motivation. If done appropriately you should be able to act basing on metric and positively influence people's behavior. In the workshop I present the approach to collaboratively create a team metric. Participants will be invited to try it out within adhoc constituted teams. The approach allows the whole team to participate and to create the metrics and it’s visualization that enables and improves: learning, improvements, focus, commitment, ownership and fun. If you dreamed about metrics that make sense you cannot miss it.

Workshop—Soft Skills Randori—soft skills deliberate practice

Deliberate Practice is claimed to be one of the expert performance’s cornerstones. Randori, in martial arts, is a free-style exercise which can be translated as “master the chaos”. In most cases Randori is a sparing where participants attempt to resist and counter each other's techniques. Randori is one of the greatest example of Deliberate Practice as provides a ways to train skills at more challenging levels, while allowing repetition and feedback. Soft Skills Randori is a technique to train particular soft skills in particular situations. Different number and set of participants allow even deeper exploration of possible solutions of given scenario. All this is done in safe and controlled environment. Thus one can use such exercise to master soft skills in general as well as prepare for particular situations like facilitation, difficult conversations, feedback giving-receiving, communicating difficult messages to team. During the workshop I will discuss what Deliberate Practice is as well as its importance. I will provide some hints how design and prepare Soft Skills Randori. It will be followed by possibility to experience Soft Skills Randori. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to enable participant to prepare their Soft Skills Randori session.