AgileByExample 2018

Paweł Kmiotek

Paweł started his software creation journey about 25 years ago. He was hobby programmer, Researcher, University Lecturer, Software Developer, Configuration Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. He received Phd. in Computer Science from AGH-UST in Krakow and UTBM in Belfort (France).
He worked with teams striving to be Agile for more that 7 years. He gained his professional experience at UTBM, Motorola Solutions and Sabre. Pawel is an Agile Coach in Philip Morris International (Kraków) and Professional Scrum Trainer licensed by
He is an advocate of holistic Agility incorporating every aspect of software creation. The roles he played allowed him to get experience in software engineering (development and operations) and servant-leadership. He coach and mentor teams in self-organization, empirical approach and technical excellence.

Workshop— Liberating Structures—Introduction to facilitation structures to include everyone's opinion.

Agile and lean introduced a shift of thinking when it comes to solve complex problem that impact a group of people. Two approaches advocates using a group knowledge by incorporating perspectives of impacted people and not limited numer of "the smartest". It is build on the observation that people doing the work or impacted by it are the best ones to discuss & improve what is related to that work as they know the most about it.
The conventional formats of meetings like presentations, managed discussions or even brain-storing were not designed to include everybody. On the contrary, the Liberating Structures (LS) were designed to include everyone's opinion and unleash the potential of the group in an efficient way. The LS like blocks can be joined to create full facilitation plan or used with other facilitation approaches.
The objective of this workshop is to share the concept of LS and what becomes possible when LS are used. Participants will experience some of the structures and practice creating their facilitation plans by matching structures to ones goals or purpose.


Let’s together create a team metric

Soft Skills Randori—soft skills deliberate practice