AgileByExample 2017

Paweł Gawliczek

CTO of FRU.PL with over 10 years of experience in IT, former QA Manager, Project Manager, Release Manager and Head of IT. Focused on constant improvement. Built a release process for large (300+ people) organization that was later adopted by HP. Great believer in Agile methods, centered around people and building effective teams.

1 year of transformation—our story

There was a great product, fast growing and award-winning startup, but there was also chaos, late deliveries and a lot of pressure. Paweł joined as CTO just 12 months ago and started adopting agile practices with a help from Marta (HR and business consultant) and Piotrek (Agile Coach). Together, three of us would like to tell you a story, how adopting Scrum and Kanban changed the way company operates and what we learned in our journey - especially when it comes to managing backlog, strategic management and company financials - something that is very often missed in Agile transformations. We will also talk about culture changes, working with the board, some crisis that arised and what helped us to get through.