AgileByExample 2017

Paweł Brodziński

Paweł Brodziński is a leader, a team builder and a change agent, but most of all he is an always experimenting practitioner trying to make his teams work better (and learn in the process).
Paweł leads Lunar Logic, a web agency in Poland, that chose to have no managers and became fully self-organized company.
He blogs sharing his thoughts on different aspects of running a software development company at Pawel is passionate about building great teams, evolving superb organizational culture and helping people to grow.

Emotional Safety: The Effectiveness Superpower

Abstract: When we talk about effective teams discussions almost always boils down to processes, methods and practices. As a matter of fact, it was the part of our story at Lunar Logic. However, on our evolution toward becoming a company with no managers we uncovered a whole another context to that dispute.

Emotional safety is something you’d rather expect to discuss at a psychologist’s couch and not in a professional setup. In modern workplace it is a common expectation that we suppress our emotions. At the same we learned time emotional safety is the superpower that improves problem solving skills, boosts learning, enables feedback, and triggers personal development. However, extremely often it is a blind spot that prevents organizations to get to the next level.

Having said that, you can’t just roll out emotional safety just as you introduce a new method or a new tool. Let me discuss what can be done to introduce emotional safety at work and how it transformed us as an organization and as individuals. Ultimately, let me share how it catalyzed effectiveness in individual, organizational and, most importantly, commercial context.