AgileByExample 2017

Mikael Lundgren

Mikael Lundgren started working with Agile and Lean Product Development in 2001, after experiencing increasing frustration with the contemporary means of directing work in the software industry during the 1990’s.
A former software developer, project- and development manager, Mikael became a Certified Scrum Trainer in 2006, and later founded Levla AB as a platform to help entrepreneurs and leaders create competitive, creative and sustainable organizations.
Examples of companies that have worked together with Mikael in the past to transform their organization include Spotify, Seamless (SEQR), bwin Games, ABB and Assa ABLOY.
In addition to his work as a transformation leader and trainer, Mikael is also a popular speaker.
Mikael holds an MSc in Computer Science from Uppsala University. Visit and to learn more, or follow Mikael on Twitter (@leanspired).

Leading Agile

Since I started working and teaching agile more than 15 years ago, the overall question has always been: How can we create a work environment that brings out the best in all people?

This session will present a structured approach to leading and guiding a transformation, illustrated by a number of stories from my career as a transformation leader. You will learn how people can response to agile and change, sometimes in surprising ways, and how to successfully deal with it.

* The fear of change - how to properly address it
* Know when self-organization works, and when it may fail
* Learn why a team rebelled against brainstorming sessions and Planning Poker
* When a functional team may actually be more appropriate than a cross-functional
* What The Blueprint Man taught me about agile meetings
* Implement the Free Agent as a supporting role
* Using Visual Planning as a platform for understanding agile
* Focus Mapping - a visual technique to create agile forecasts, and engage people who "hate planning".