AgileByExample 2018

Marzena Tyran

Agile Coach at mBank with over 15 years of experience in HR and almost 10 years in the IT industry. Her superpowers are the perfect mix of psychological background, years of experience on the executive positions and being a coach. As an Agile Enthusiast Marzena turns organizations into places where valuable products are efficiently created by happy people. She uses adaptive approach to software development, focusing on minimizing risks early and rapid value creation. For Marzena being agile means adopting the approach of continuous learning, growth and improvement.

Marzena will lead her dojo with Bartek Janowski.

Workshop— The bitter-sweet taste of feedback—an effective way to feed our self-development?

Sweet feedback can be patted on the shoulder or voiced as "good job" leading to an inherent feeling of appreciation. It's something we like and can quickly get used to it. Obviously there is nothing wrong with it until it is not exaggerated with sweetness. Like everything in excess, it can be bland.
Bitter feedback is sometimes a rather harsh dose of information that needs to be digested and dealt with. It is a critique of what we have done or what attitude we have adopted. Sometimes swallowing it is not pleasant and we would like to say “thank you” in advance for such a dubious pleasure.
However, it is worth being aware, that feedback is a chance for a positive change as well as it is a chance for personal development. We do, however, tend to, sometimes, reject this chance by ourselves because we add sweets, and what's bitter is either eliminated from the menu or consistently we do not see it there. Thus, we deprive ourselves from something valuable to us too easily. If we do not try it, we do not find out.
This leads to a question of “How should you absorb the feedback so that you get the best out of it regardless of its taste?” and similarly “How can we be opened to continuous self-improvement thanks to feedback?”
This workshop will be an attempt to answer these and other questions related to the adoption of developmental feedback.

This workshop will be in Polish!