AgileByExample 2018

Kamil Surmacz

A physicist, who resigned from his scientific work to become a programmer and then took part in the agile transformation of a large telecommunication company. He has worked as a member of a development team, as a scrum master and a product owner. He then switched to solving logistics problems with Ocado. Currently, he tries his hand as a product owner in Zooplus. For many years a die-hard fan of board games. Uses them not only to have fun with his friends, but also as a great way to teach others.

Kamil will lead the workshop with Tomek Włodarek.

Workshop— Iterate™ Product Development Game. Have fun, fail safe and learn fast.

Iterate™ Product Development Game is a cooperative board game for software development professionals. Are you an entrepreneur? A business owner? A product manager? A developer? An enthusiast who loves to build software products? This is the game for you. Come play with us in this unique sandbox of software development process and product development lifecycle. Increase your chances with real-life projects.

Iterate™ will spark your product management instincts. You will manage the development process, manage the budget and revenue stream. You will strive to stay innovative and profitable. You will grow the team, deal with stakeholders, the market, the competition and more. You will exercise a number of strategies, just to discover you need yet another one. And you will learn how the game is a perfect addition to your scrum master or agile coach teaching toolbox.

Iterate™ immerses players in the universe of:

* Complexity, uncertainty and risk;
* Iterative and incremental product development;
* Empiricism and continuous adaptation;
* Release planning and budgeting;
* Software development and technical debt;
* Scrum roles, events and artifacts.

Learning outcomes

* Understand the role and accountabilities of a product owner;
* Understand Scrum as product and business development method;
* Learn how to think of a Scrum Sprint in terms of an investment and how to optimize the value of it;
* Understand how hard data, transparency and openness support decision making;
* Experience complexity of software development and human interactions and learn how to embrace it;
* Learn how to work with the product backlog, capacity and velocity and how to use them for long-term projections;
* Understand the impact of technical debt on the product.

We'll facilitate up to five groups of 3-6 players. The play will take approximately 4 hours per group and will conclude with discussions and findings.

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