AgileByExample 2017

Jarosław Czaja

Jarek Czaja is the founder and CEO of Future Processing (FP), a technology company, providing software development services to businesses located mostly in Western Europe. FP employs over 800 highly skilled, committed people who are passionate about what they do and relish the challenge of complex and ground-breaking software projects.

How to build a lasting company?

Long-term success of an organisation depends on its adaptability to rapidly changing environment. This is very much determined by the attitude of the team that is behind the company, its believes and behaviours. In the presentation Jarek would like to share how these have evolved at Future Processing (FP), starting the story in the year 2000, when the company was founded, through its growth and development into a more structured and mature organisation as it is now. Back in 2000 FP was just a few friends with informally communicated goals. These days, the communication process is formalised and FP culture is codified however Jarek believes that its key attributes remained the same and are the strongest foundation of lasting organisations.