AgileByExample 2018

Jakub Uniejewski

He loves building products that are helpful at scale. From revamping, to mobile apps of Recently he’s been focused on improving OLX – one of the largest marketplaces in Europe. Co-founder of Agile3M community and podcast, passionate builder of agile organisations.

This feature will fail and your agile doesn't matter.

As every product manager I've failed many times - most of A/B tested features my team spent long time building didn't "move the needle" and turned out not to be worth the invested time.
Initially I blamed "too slow" software development proces and focused on making our teams faster and increase their velocity. Only later I understood that if 70% of features fail, delivering them faster will not make us any more successful.
In this talk I'll share how in recent months our team has been turning from "delivering fast" to "learning fast" and what we do to avoid costly failures by verifying our ideas quickly.



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