AgileByExample 2017

Jakub Uniejewski

He loves building products that are helpful at scale. From revamping, to mobile apps of Now he’s focused on improving OLX – one of the largest marketplaces in Europe. Co-founder of Agile3M community, passionate builder of agile organisations.

OKRs vs The Real Life—A True Story

OKRs hype virus is spreading among bigger and smaller companies and is being advertised and the gold bullet. I'd like to share why OLX decided to try it out, what have we learnt from the pilot, how we applied it at larger scale and what we still need to learn. I'll cover: the challenge of naming the right objectives and mathing them with key results, whether it can be done bottom-up, what are the benefits and problems from organising the teams and agile processes around the OKRs and how our roadmaps look now and how the communications with stakeholders changed after we applied this way of working.