AgileByExample 2017

Géza Mihala

Geza is a seasoned software artisan who firmly believes that culture is at the heart of most things. Accordingly, besides practicing the fine art of intuiting, inventing, architecting, designing and crafting code, he also pays attention to foster the growth of his colleagues. Outside of work, he gets his kicks from learning from and with like-minded thinkers and tinkerers. He is the founder of the Software Craftsmanship community Coders Only, organising and facilitating events such as the Global Day of Coderetreat and SoCraTes Day Switzerland. He can be found on Twitter with annually changing avatars as @infinitary.

Codefin, or the fine art of knowing what to do and when and why

This talk is about applying the Cynefin sense making framework to specific practices of software development, to e.g. methodology, architecture and design, testing practices, and more. With this approach we bridge over a gap, for Cynefin is mostly used for strategic decisions, while software developers often choose habitually their favourite tools, irrespectively of the context. The resulting Codefin framework is a synergy, where the various methods and practices of software development each find their place in the Cynefin domain landscape, and it becomes clear why the multitude came about and what is the best choice in a given situation. The most important slides along with many amazing insights by others that lead to Codefin (aka shoulders of giants) can be found at