AgileByExample 2018

Gary Crawford

Gary is fascinated with emerging technology, its impact on society and potential for positive social change. He lives in Sweden with his wife and daughters Erin and Erika.

Overcoming weak signals, inattentional blindness and long held assumptions

Transformation is fraught with risk; organisations are complex, architecture is politics, and traditional management practices prioritise economic efficiency over responsiveness.

A great deal of attention is spent on how teams can become more agile, but how do you, as a leader or manager, evolve yourself and the wider organisation to support a generative, performance-oriented culture focused on customer and market responsiveness?

How do you detect and interpret the important, but weak signals among the Taylorist noise? How do you overcome your own inattentional blindness. How do you challenge long held assumptions by you and your colleagues about technology, practice, process and management?

In this talk, Gary will share a learn-by-leading approach to how you can evolve leadership and management styles in your business. You’ll learn how to uncover organisational barriers to agility, build a practice field for your employees and take a new product from idea to market every six weeks.