AgileByExample 2017

Gary Crawford

Gary is fascinated with emerging technology, its impact on society and potential for positive social change. He lives in Sweden with his wife and daughters Erin and Erika.

Build agility with design sprints

Preaching the benefits of agility when pressed for a twelve month release schedule makes for an awkward conversation.

Business commitment and organisational change are needed to successfully adopt agility-building practices like agile, lean product management and continuous delivery. When their adoption is only tolerated by the wider organisation on the condition that legacy ways-of-working are respected, their effectiveness is critically constrained.

So how can you shift the enterprise mindset away from legacy process, practise and behaviours with compelling examples of agility and responsiveness? You could run design sprints.

Design sprints both answer critical business questions and challenge the traditional ways-of-working that can hamstring business agility. They accelerate customer feedback, break down organisational silos, de-risk experimentation, build shared understanding - ploughing the way to introduce other agility building practices.