AgileByExample 2018

Dominik Sawicki


In IT for almost ten years, initially as a developer, later as a scrum master and agile coach, and now as a manager. Passionate about all topics related to management and leadership. In his career, he worked in several companies, both Polish and foreign, working on projects with a budget from several hundreds of thousands to several hundreds of millions PLN. As scrum master and agile coach, he had the opportunity to work with many different development teams – web, mobile, micro-services, big data, as well as sales and management teams – introducing changes to the entire organization. Currently, he is working as a delivery manager in Danish companies BEC and Nykredit, and additionally as agile coach in IT Kontrakt. He also conducts trainings and advises other companies in agile management. In the past, he participated in many agile conferences and trainings, also as a speaker. He holds a PhD in the specialization of computer methods in mechanics, where he researched the innovative numerical method.

Dominik will give his talk with Grzegorz Struś.

Agile transformation in sales and recruitment teams

Agile is now in the mainstream of the IT world. Most of the IT companies are going through some kind of agile transformation and most of the agile specialists operate in this area. The huge popularity of agile approach and its positive effect on IT makes it natural to spread on other areas, like Sales and HR. The most popular agile framework – Scrum focuses on product, which may not be present in the Sales and HR sense, but if you replace product with the value that team delivers and focus on goals it takes on a new meaning. Besides, Scrum contains many useful practices, like empirical planning and verifying, continuous improvements, self-organization, cross-functional teams, which work in almost any environment. We will present to you a case study of agile transformation in Sales-HR teams in IT Kontrakt. We will explain the purpose - how it began, the transformation itself and the result we have so far. We will explain, which elements of Agile manifesto, Scrum and Kanban the teams found useful and adopted right away, and which require more time and effort. We will also present the challenges we have faced.

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