AgileByExample 2018

David Denham

David Denham is an Scrum Master in Workday, Dublin. He is an experienced Agile Practitioner, and is a co-organiser of the Agile-Lean Ireland community. He is a regular blogger and speaker at many conferences and meetups in Dublin. He has particular passion for product discovery, having worked for many years in UX, and enjoys helping Agile teams apply Design Sprint and Lean UX patterns to help them innovate.

How we used Design Sprints to take product discovery into overdrive

Learn how a team used the Google Ventures Design Sprint method to rapidly accelerate their product discovery for a brand new product. To make things more interesting, this team had never worked together before! Not only did they ideate their way to a validated hypothesis in 5 days, they also went from forming to high performing, whilst working together in the trenches of this amazingly compressed week of product discovery. Learn about how it helped us build the right thing, and also the challenges and fails we had along the way.