AgileByExample 2018

Christopher Avery

“The Responsibility Process guy” is a reformed management consultant. After a decade helping corporations help smart, ambitious professionals find ways to cope with lives they don’t want and think they can’t change, Christopher realized coping skills are overrated. A better skill is knowing how to apply your innate leadership ability to face and overcome any challenge.

That’s freeing.

Today he supports leaders and leadership teams in generating newfound freedom, choice, and power for themselves and others. How? By advancing the world’s first proven how-to approach for understanding, teaching, and taking personal responsibility.

A speaker with style and substance, Christopher’s message is popular with audiences interested in agility, more leadership (not more leaders), and results that matter. He authored the popular classic Teamwork Is An Individual Skill for everyone who wants to be done with bad teams. His new book The Responsibility Process offers practices gleaned from twenty-five years of applied research on responsibility-taking and leadership. He’s the host of The Leadership Gift Program and its worldwide community of leaders and coaches who are mastering responsibility and producing results that matter.

Christopher is the CEO of Partnerwerks, Inc., the leadership development firm. Wondering why so many smart people spend unhappy lives at work, he left a perfectly good job in his mid-twenties to return to school and earn a Ph.D. in organization science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Don’t call Christopher if you don’t want to change.

The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power

You are more powerful and able than you usually give yourself credit for. That’s what The Responsibility Process® shows.

The Responsibility Process is a natural pattern in our minds (discovered, documented, and perfected over the last 30 years) that fuels human growth and change (i.e., agility). It shows how we stay stuck or grow to overcome challenges. That makes it a potent self-leadership tool for taking ownership.

You can put The Responsibility Process to use to produce results that matter while claiming the freedom, choice, and power you deserve. Leaders and coaches worldwide find The Responsibility Process priceless in their own life and work, and in building powerful teams, leaders, and cultures.

This presentation promises breakthrough information and inspiration for all.

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