AgileByExample 2018

Cezary Piekacz

Cezary is a Technical Program Manager on the Google Compute Engine team working on VM and SSL certificates management automation. Prior to joining Google he worked as a software developer in automotive and mobile technology industry and later was responsible for leading implementation of GIS and WFM systems for energy and heating companies. Cezary is certified in Prince2 and Scrum methodologies, with many years of experience in program and project management, leadership of multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes, requirements analysis and management, software development and quality control.

Cezary will give his talk with Ela Czajka.

A Google way to do OKRs

Google has been using OKRs for almost 20 years. Ela and Cezary will talk about how OKRs have been working in their teams and at the company level, how they are prepared, executed and scored. As OKRs are not as straight forward to bind with the performance evaluation, they will tell you how Google manages to go around it. They will be happy to answer your questions, listen to and discuss your experiences with OKRs.