AgileByExample 2017

Anna Walczak

STX Next

Hey my name is Anna – I am product owner at STX Next working with the agile methodologies. I am responsible for delivering the software projects for our Clients. At my previous position at Vistex for over 6 years I have been working with 12 clients within the Fortune 100 list, managing their expectations, high demands and changing requirements. Throughout this time I have gained the solid understanding of both processing global payments via web application as well as product and program design, system configurations and testing.

Building and working with the road map

Road map is said to be one of the key tools in Product Owner's hands. Even though this seems to be such a popular tool we do not seem to see many talks about the road map and trust me I attended quite a few conferences within last 18 months. So here I am :) I did not expect that working with the road map would be so challenging . Now when I am thinking more it could not be easy considering you have one product, two teams, two product owners and scrum masters and majority of them had no idea what the road map is. I will share our challenges and how we by passed them. I will show you how convince your clients to use the road mp on the regular basis. I will give you the insight how you could engage your team in managing your road map. In the end I will share the lessons learned - as we learned a lot during this time.