AgileByExample 2018

Alex Ríos

Entrepreneur and expert in digital products, Alex has a solid role in Spain’s tech scenario. He has successfully founded and managed several corporate projects that led him to win the Best Place to Work award during three consecutive years, thanks to the successful application of agile methodologies and Management 3.0 practices.

Motivated by these initiatives and his deep understanding of app technology, Alex co-founded Happyforce, a platform that enables open feedback within organizations, which won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from FIB Alumni (Associació d’Antics Alumnes de la Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona) in 2016.

Apart from his work in Happyforce, Alex is also an associate teacher at ESIC and The Valley Business School, and he is a digital business, product and innovation counselor for several organizations.

Alex will give his talk with Sabrina Hauptman.

How to build a feedback culture that fosters happiness and motivation.

We know the only way to thrive in this rapid-changing era of business is unleashing the individuals and organizations collective intelligence to enable creativity and to get innovations.
We see early stage startups that move fast and deliver magnificent results.
How are they doing it and how to scale this?
Its communication, fundamental trust, individuals confidence and a high level of transparency across the entire organization that makes this magic happen.
Understanding is the first step and the fundament for a meaningful and authentic dialog across the entire organization.
Identifying what works and what doesn’t work, understanding what drives individuals and teams, what challenges individuals carry on and what realities the organization is embedded in. Understanding the past, the history, the future and the current state.

This talk will lead you through Alex’s and Sabrina’s experiences and practices, success and setbacks, to reach this understanding and move from there to start a real change in an organization.
Whatever nature this organization might be: IT and agile environments, retail, factory lines, hospitality services, universities and schools.

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