AgileByExample 2018

Agnieszka Lidak


For more than 5 years connected with the IT industry. Supporter of evolutionary change. Encouraging companies to perform experiments and learn from failures. In everyday work responsible for Scrum Masters and Product Owners improvement, developing scrum teams and transforming organizations. With her knowledge and experience helping others to understand that connecting the worlds of IT and business is possible. Her agile adventure began in, where she was supporting teams as one of the first Scrum Masters. She also worked directly with clients and users.

Agnieszka will run her workshop with Adam Kwiecień.

Workshop— Bring your own huge problem and apply full Action Learning session to it.

Action Learning is a method devised by Reg Revans years ago which uses a group of diverse, friendly people to solve complex, urgent and important problems while at the same time practicing leadership skills. It’s used to learn and solve problems on individual, group and organizational level. We will quickly explain what the method is, run a demo session with chosen participants while rest of the group will observe and then discuss the pros and cons of the method, group dynamics etc. Last part will be full sessions where you can choose one of two roles: member of the group solving the problem or Action Learning coach. For both roles we will provides scripts, instructions, handouts and focus on practicing and learning while doing.
The workshop and all handouts will be in Polish.


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