AgileByExample 2017

Adam Jeziorski

Adam got a technical education and 10+ years of experience of working in IT. 5+ years experience as a Product Manager and 7+ as a UX Designer. He also ran my own business – web agency and design consultancy. Adam got experience from working with clients all around the world conducting requirements gathering, systems analysis, and projects scoping. Last two years focused on assembling the design team. He successfully grows it from two to ten designers. Responsible for the efficient design process of collaboration between designers, developers, and PMs. Currently, focused on product and its success as a product owner. A big advocate for collaboration between tech, business, designers and actual customers.

Design embedded

You probably have some ideas regarding Design. Designers are part of your team. But do you think you maximize benefits design brings? Do you understand the roles designers can take? And do you know traits of a great designer? In my talk, I will share my experience from a last ten years of working with designers in IT.