AgileByExample 2018

Ada Andruszkiewicz


Ada Andruszkiewicz is a Product Owner at, a voice bot platform created by Pragmatists. Before entering the world of voice bots, she worked for one of the most popular British online media brands for nearly 12 years. Agile practitioner since 2006, she has hands on experience in a variety of roles ranging from software delivery and UX to product management.

A short story of an agile voice bot

Working with a start-up product is like being a single doctor in a remote hospital, where one day you fix broken bones while another day you fix the roof regardless of your official job description. You have to step out of your comfort zone constantly, and if you are delivering cutting edge products in a truly lean and agile way, you have to convince your client to step outside of that comfort zone with you. We were blessed with a forward thinking and open minded client, who joined us on an exciting agile journey. In this talk I’ll show you how being agile enabled us to deliver a unique voice-bot, which took over customer service 24/7 in a large organisation in just a couple of months. Was this happening somewhere in the Silicon Valley where AI and machine learning are hot topics? Nope. Right here in Poland.

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