AgileByExample 2022—Dojo registration

Dear [first-name],

the agenda for the Dojo has been finalized. We have 7 workshops in the morning and 7 workshops in the afternoon. Please check them out here: or here: (Trainers section).

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to satisfy everyone. That’s why we ask you to give your primary preference for both sessions (morning and afternoon), as well as your secondary choice. Knowing these we will maximize total satisfaction metric for all of you.

The deadline for the choice is Friday, September 16th.

Participants who will not make their choice using the form before the deadline will be able to attend workshops depending on availability after the initial registration.

The registration form is available here:

The link to the results page will be emailed to you on Sept 19–21st.

All the workshops will be in English and will be held at Centrum Zielna.

Please don’t postpone registration until last moment—it makes it easier for us when we know you did the registration.

In case your workshop should be cancelled (due to trainer illness, etc) there will be a backup workshop available.

ABE team