AgileByExample 2021—Videos from the conference

Dear [first-name],
We’re coming back to you with the videos from ABE21. We will be publishing them in 5 parts. You’ll find the list below. Enjoy!

The videos will be published on our Youtube channel. You can subscribe and allow notifications not to miss anything.
And here’s the list:

Part 1 (published on 18.11):

  1. Keynote-Geoff Watts
    Standardised Autonomy: Balancing self-organisation with organisational alignment
  2. Arek Benedykt
    Why developers do not need your Agile 
  3. Edyta Ryszkiewicz-Tum
    Try it yourself! Back to development 
  4. Bogdan Onyshchenko
    Why adopt Lean UX? Since literally everyone else already did 
  5. Viktor Cessan
    Informed Interventions 
  6. Nana Fifield
    Working with globally distributed agile teams 
  7. Jason Yip
    Using BAPO to apply ’structure follows strategy’ to your organisation 


Part 2 (will be published on 25.11)

  1. Paweł Rzymkiewicz, Michał Parkoła
    An Agile Approach to Forging Talent—a Case Study from Appsilon
  2. Paweł Lipiński
    The balancing act of building the right thing and building it right
  3. Łukasz Skotarek
    Don’t be afraid to get wet: Why DRY is not always the best idea
  4. Piotr Gaczkowski
    Microservices vs Monoliths
  5. Daniel Terhorst-North
    CUPID—for joyful coding
  6. David Anaya
    Should you go from individual contributor to manager?
  7. Keynote–Janet Gregory
    Building quality into your process and your product


Part 3 (will be published on 2.12)

  1. Keynote-Roman Pichler
    Tips for Effectively Applying the Product Owner Role
  2. Seb Rose
    Example mapping: a structured, collaborative discovery technique
  3. Urszula Wawrzeniuk
    How to grow from Project Manager to Product Delivery Manager
  4. Marcin Tatarski
    Efficient Product Backlog refinement in practice
  5. Deepak Dhananjaya
    Do you talk about ’The Elephant in the room’?
  6. Discussion Panel
  7. Arne Åhlander
    Building Blocks for Self-Organization


Part 4 (will be published on 9.12)

  1. Stephanie Gasche
    Measuring Performance—Quantifying the Work of a Scrum Master
  2. Michael Kacprzak
    The art of launching successful products based on case study—12 months from launch and €12 M funding raised
  3. Karolina Hałaszkiewicz, Tomasz Kornaś
    Find your freedom in the structure and un-busy your teams
  4. Kiro Harada
    Kaizen in Action
  5. Keynote-Jeff Liker
    The Toyota Way and Software Development


Part 5 – American Track (will be published on 16.12)

  1. Karaleise
    Writing good user stories
  2. J. B. Rainsberger
    Unlocking the Awesome Power of Refactoring


Enjoy the videos and stay healthy!
ABE Team